Three Children Injured in Explosion While Playing with Unexploded Ordnance, Undergoing Treatment in China

Three children living in Monekoe Township, Muse Division, northern Shan State, were playing with an unexploded heavy weaponry shell when they went to herd buffalo, and it exploded, reportedly injuring all three of them, who are currently being treated at Mang Shi Hospital on the Chinese border.

A monk who is aware of the incident and uses WeChat said: “The children were out herding buffalo, and when they saw an RPG (Rocket-propelled grenade), they started playing with it, tossing it around. When they threw it, it exploded, and all three of them were injured with serious wounds. They are currently receiving treatment at the hospital, and so far, I am not sure if their injuries have improved because there is no phone signal.”

Regarding the current fighting, he further stated that on the side of Monekoe, the local residences and many residents have been affected due to the military council forces using planes and heavy weapons to open fire. However, accurate information collection is currently not possible.

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) announced that during the last week of October, the Terror Military Council conducted an aerial bombardment on Shing Kyait village in Nant Tong, Monekoe Township. This resulted in the immediate deaths of 5 local residents, including 3 children.

Photo- local Resident

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