An elderly woman hit and injured from one sided firing of heavy weaponry shells by Military Council at PanHnin village, Namhsan Township

Ta’ang Women’s Organization

One sided firing of heavy weaponry shell hit a local woman from Panning village, Namsan Township in northern Shan State.

About noon time yesterday on November 20, heavy weaponry shells fired one sided from military camp based in Namsan hit and injured the left foot of a (85) years old elderly woman.

A responsible person from PanHnin village said, “Three shells dropped around the village, two dropped outside the village and one dropped and blasted in the middle of village. A sharpener from the shell hit the elderly person. She was injured at her leg. Now, they don’t dare to travel and she was treated at the village.”

Villager at Nanning village and Ohmswam village no longer dared to stay in the village after one sided heavy weaponry shelling by terror military council, they had to stay in tealeaf plantation farms, he continued.

“They never came to shoot like this before. This was the first time. When the shells dropped yesterday, it was when the children left the school. Only the children were left in the village, and the parents went to the forest to pick tea leaves. Some children were afraid and crying. Today, the people of the village are going to stay at the tealeaf farms because they don’t dare to live in the village.”

Local residents said that there is no military base in the village and there is no fighting, and the firing of heavy weaponry shells like this without specific target is not safe for the people and it is not convenient for them to work.

Together with this incident in Namsan Township due to aerial attacks and heavy weaponry shelling without specific target, three people were killed, (13) were injured and 27 houses were damaged within two days.