Human Rights Situation weekly update (March 8 to 14, 2023)

Military Junta arrested and killed 40 civilians including 30 from Pinlaung, Southern Shan State, and beheaded 2 from March 8th to 15th. Military Junta troops still committing Human rights Abuses and War Crimes against Civilians. They arrested over 19 people as a human shield. They did 4 airstrikes and dropped bombs within a week in Magway Region and Kachin State. Gun-shooting happened in Nyaungshwe Prison and a person died and 4 were injured in southern Shan State.

8 civilians including 4 children died and 17 were injured by the Military’s heavy attack. They arrested and raped a local woman in Taze, Sagaing Region. They also forced the locals from Kyunhla to attend the Military training in Sagaing Region.