Human Rights Situation weekly update (May 1 to 7, 2023)

Military Junta troops launched an airstrike and dropped bombs in Sagaing Region, Bago Region, Chin State and Shan State from May 1st to 7th. They used 500lb bombs that caused burning of civilians’ houses, killed 10 civilians including children and over 17 injured. Military troops beheaded 8 civilians including 5 PDF fighters from Chaung-U Township, Sagaing Region. Pyu Saw Htee group who work under Military Junta killed 2 civilians including a child from Mingaladon Township, Yangon Region.

Military Junta troops burnt and killed 2 civilians from Myinmu Township in Sagaing Region. The Military junta troops arrested about 179 people and used them as human shields within a week. Civilians left their places and fled because the Military is committing the raiding of local people’s places, attacking with heavy and light artillery, arresting, torturing, buring the civilians’ buildings and using the local people as human shields along their marching.