Human Rights Situation weekly update (March 15 to 21, 2023)

The Military Junta arrested about 130 civilians from Sagaing, Magway, Tanintharyi Region and used them as human shields from March 15th to 21st. They burnt and killed 11 civilians from Mandalay and Magway Region within a week. 4 people were injured and 3 people died by the land mines. 2 civilians died by the Pyusawhtee force attack in Yangon Region. Military junta troops still committed such as heading to the civilians area, tortured the civilians, killing and using the civilians as human shields.

Military Junta arrested the youths in Yangon and exchanged money and committed blackmailing. They raped and killed a woman in Madaya township, Mandalay Region. 11 civilians died by the Military’s torture within a week.