Statement on Women with Gun-shoot Wound by Junta and call for provide medical treatment Inbox

Khin Kay Khine, who was working at the backyard of her house, was shot in the abdomen by a stray bullet fired indiscriminately by troops of the military council who entered into Winkapaw village, Taung Pyauk area in Thayetchaung township, Dawei district, Tanintharyi Region, in the evening of 3 November 2021. Fortunately, Khin Kay Khine did not die on the spot and villagers sent her to the Dawei public hospital via a jungle route.

 While Khin Kay Khine was being treated in the hospital, the military learned about her case and military affairs intelligence agents watched her around the clock. She was then transferred to a military hospital in order to black out the news. Her sister, who accompanied her at the hospital, was released after about one month at the hospital, and put in a car. Khin Kay Khine was then sent to prison for interrogation. Since then, Khin Kay Khine has been out of contact with her family members.

About a month later, it was heard from the family of a Dawei political prisoner that she had been sentenced to seven years in prison on February 10 at the prison court while she was still suffering from the gunshot wound. Our network has been monitoring the incident closely but did not release the information due to concern for the safety of her family members.

Now, we have got information that three women prisoners are in emergency need of medical treatment, including Khin Kay Khine, who is still suffering from the gunshot wound.

1)     We, the Network for Advocacy Action (NAA), call upon ICRC to provide assistance to political prisoners who are currently being held in prisons and in need of medical treatment.

2)     We urge international organizations that respect Human Rights to give pressure for the immediate release of political prisoners who are being detained unfairly, including Khin Kay Khine.

3)     We hereby declare that we strongly oppose the violations of human rights and inhumane brutality of the military council.

Network for Advocacy Action (Tanintharyi)

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