Chin Woman Recovering in Hospital after Artillery Shell Detonates in Village in Rakhine State

Ann Township, Rakhine State – 6th March 2020)On 2nd March 2020, Ma Soe Soe Ye was rushed to hospital in Ann Township, after an explosion took place in Kyaik Chaung Village. 18-year-old Ma Soe Soe Ye underwent surgery to extract shrapnel from the right side of her stomach, injuries sustained from the blast. The incident took place at approximately 5 p.m. as Ma Soe Soe Ye was cooking food;

“We are not sure who fired the heavy weaponry. There is no military post near to the village but we have seen troops [Tatmadaw] coming from the Ann Town side [East] and doing security patrols quite regularly. We have been hearing the sound of guns and fighting not far from the village but no fighting has happened inside our village,” said one local community member who spoke to CHRO.

Ma Soe Soe Ye is recovering in Ann Town General Hospital. Kyeik Chaung village, located in Zu Kiang Village Tract is approximately 28 miles away from Ann Town in Rakhine State and has a mostly Chin population of around  200 households.

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