Spring Revolution Daily News for 16th August 2021

U Win Thaw, the vice-chair of Central Bank, said that they would not make any other banks go bankrupt or close them. It was just a rumour that 5000 Kyats notes and 10000 Kyats notes would be withdrawn.

He also said that the online banking system and cash withdrawal from ATMs would go normally during the extended period of public holidays.

The junta newspaper on Sunday announced the list of selected members for the junta media council.

The military junta announced that priority had been given to the imports of medicines and other items related to prevention, treatment and control of COVID-19 every day.

The military junta said that they and other well-wishers had been donating oxygen cylinders, PPEs and nutritious food to public hospitals, military hospitals, health centres, COVID centres and social organizations in states and regions.

According to the junta media, Sinovac vaccination had been carried out for 345 workers from the industrial zones in Dagon Seikkam and Hlaing Thaya townships.

In Kyonepyaw of Ayeyarwady Region, junta police and soldiers have been collecting fines up to 50000 Kyats from those who go out without permit cards. According to residents, those who cannot pay it have been arrested and detained.

The military junta announced that they had been blocking off townships and conducting investigations to catch those who had opened gunfire on the city train in Yangon.

Mandalay Regional Monks Organization agreed to the discussion of the military council to keep monks at the junta check-points in Mandalay.

According to affiliates, the chief military officer of Winemaw-based Army (58) and some other officers were faced with the investigation at an army court.

The official Facebook page of Spring Lottery Raising the Flag of Victory announced that the time to start selling their NUG lottery had been changed to 4:00 pm Sunday.

Ministry for the Affairs of Federal Union released Federal Journal Issue (2) containing extensive explanation about characteristics of the Federal Union Constitution.

Ministry of Human Rights and Ministry for Women, Youth and Children- NUG released a joint statement that they had concerns about universal human rights, including health and other rights, of the prisoners who had been detained for their freedom of expression and anti-junta movements.

According to the social media post of lottery sales, the allotted number of Spring lottery was sold out within hours. Therefore, they would have to stop for the day and continue their sales the next day.

At about 5:00 pm Saturday, 6 policemen were shot by unknown gunmen on the city train from Yangon Station to Insein. Reportedly, 4 of them died in the incident.

On Sunday morning, there were bomb explosions in Sanchaung and Kyimyindine townships of Yangon Region.

According to residents, bomb explosions happened consecutively at administration offices of 5 wards in Kyimyindine Township.

In Ward (20) of western Hlaingthaya Township, the watchmen from the junta administration office beat a young man aged 30 to death.

In Lasho of Shan North, junta police raided a house in Ward (11) and took away 100 lakhs.

In Chin State, there was fighting between CDF and the junta armed forces at milepost (16) on Mindat-Matupi road on Sunday. According to CDF Mindat, the military junta lost many soldiers.

In Kanpetlet Township of Chin State, the junta armed forces opened fire wildly for no apparent reason at about 11:30 am Sunday. Reportedly, two people, father and son, were seriously injured.

On Saturday night, Mandalay Monks’ Union recited Parittas for the public as usual and protested against the military dictatorship.

On Sunday, Mandalay Monks’ Union made an anti-junta movement, reciting Parittas.

On Sunday, a rally of Chan/Zi in Unity marched against the military dictatorship.

In Madaya Township of Mandalay Region, U Win Naing, junta-appointed administrator of Thabyechaung village, was killed on Saturday afternoon. At night, the junta armed forces came there and arrested 3 villagers.

On Sunday, Myataung rally expressed their desire for the downfall of the military dictatorship, chanting anti-junta slogans.

On Sunday evening, a rally of Mandala University Students expressed their desire for the end of the military dictatorship.

As 188-day protest, there was an anti-junta march amidst violent crackdowns and arrests in Mandalay.

In Pha-Ang of Kayin State, young people led a protest against the military watchdog on Sunday, “Only NUG is our government”.

In Tantsi Township, a rally of youth, in cooperation with farmers, made a farming strike against the military dictatorship on Sunday.

In Monywa of Sagaing Region, there was a bomb explosion near the downtown clock tower, where the junta armed forces had been taking security, at about 8:22 am Sunday.

As 185-day protest, a rally comprising various villages from Salingyi North and Yinmabin East expressed their objection to the military dictatorship on Sunday morning.

In Salingyi Township of Sagaing Region, Latbadaung Taung General Strike protested against the military dictatorship.

In Monywa, a rally of youth and students expressed their disapproval of the military dictatorship, even amidst tight security measures by the junta armed forces.

At about 3:30 pm Saturday, a convoy of military trucks with about 50 junta soldiers was attacked by Yinmabin PDF with 3 mines near Myephwetaung in Yinmabin Township. Reportedly, no less than 3 junta soldiers died and no less than 10 others were injured.

On Sunday, Kalay people managed to conduct their anti-junta movement.

On Sunday afternoon, Dawei General Strike, in cooperation with a rally of youth/students expressed their desire against the military dictatorship, “Only NUG is our government”.

On Sunday evening, Longlone township youth marched against the military dictatorship in the rural community, chanting “Only NUG is our government”.

On Sunday afternoon, there was a guerrilla protest against the military dictatorship in Lower Yebyu village amidst the rain.

On the night of 11th August, Ko Aung Yu was arrested by the junta armed forces in Daungngu Ward. According to his wife, he died in the investigation after 3 days of arrest.

In Pha-Kant Township of Kachin State, residents of Lonekhine village marched in the rain on Sunday morning and expressed their desire against the military dictatorship.

On Sunday morning, there was an anti-junta movement in Pakkoku Township of Magwe Region.

In Gantgaw Township of Magwe Region, the junta armed forces came to Myaukkinyan village on 9th August and arrested a member of NLD with COVID-19 infection.

In Seik Phyu Township of Magwe Region, the junta armed forces conducted arrests on the exit of Seik Phyu and Pathein-Monywa road. Consequently, there was a lack of food in Shala village group and nearby villages.

In Chauk Township of Magwe Region, U Aung Myint Sein, junta-appointed administrator of Pwint-Lin village, was killed. Regarding the murder, junta police had been investigating suspects at the station. Therefore, residents were worried.

On Sunday afternoon, the public in Magwe Township protested against the military dictatorship, “We all are PDFs looking forward to D-Day”.

In Shan South, there was a battle between the junta armed forces and a combined force of Karenni Army between Pinlong and Phekone townships for 11 hours from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday.

According to Phekone PDF, the military junta lost a lot of soldiers and they had to ask for help from the army in Aung Pan.

At about 7:00 am Sunday, the battle resumed between the junta armed forces and Karenni PDFs between Pinlong and Phekone townships. Reportedly, 13 military trucks left Loikaw to help the junta army.

On Saturday night, INDF called for the cooperation of Inle people for the downfall of the military dictatorship.

In Ngaputaw Township of Ayeyarwady Region, arrangements had been made to build an oxygen plant with the funding of the public. The military junta said that they would lead it. Consequently, some funding had to be asked back.

In Tantalan Township the headquarters of Chin National Army, COVID-19 vaccinations began at Camp Victoria.

General Tun Myat Naing, Chief of AA, said in an interview with Arakan media on Sunday that arrangements had been made for the involvement of Muslims in Rakhine State for the positions of administration and police procedures of ULA/AA.

In Shan South, there was heavy fighting between a combined force of the junta army-PNO and a combined force of KA-KNDF near Lwehwe village from 8:45 am to 6:30 pm Saturday. Free Burma Ranger Karenni announced that they had to take women and children from the village to a safe place.

Summary on 16th August

  • In Yangon, junta policemen, who were security on a city train, were shot dead the previous day. After that, the junta armed forces tightened security measures and made investigation. Amidst such circumstances, there were explosions in the city and thus, the revolution in Yangon gained momentum.
  • In Sagaing and Mandalay regions, public protests were powerful and so were revolution activities. In Sagaing area with the armed revolution in great momentum, the junta armed forces had been oppressing the public. As for Chin, Kayah and Kayin states, they had battled against the junta armed forces invading their areas. Consequently, there were more IDPs.
  • In Chin and Kayah states, there were severe battles between the junta armed forces and PDFs. Among local PDFs, Kayah-based PDFs were the most powerful. They could also establish up to 18 combined forces. As for the military junta, they had been strengthening their manpower in the area and thus, battles might continue there in the days ahead.
  • The military junta said that banking services would go normally during public holidays. In reality, there was not enough cash in ATMs and thus, the public had to face difficulties. Although the military council showed off announcing that they had been donating enough oxygen in states and regions, they had been prohibiting donations from the public. They also closed oxygen refills for
  • 40-litre cylinders. They wanted oxygen applications through junta administration offices. It did not work for those in urgent need as the process took 5 days for the refill of a cylinder. Judging from this, the military junta is a group of people who do not hesitate to sacrifice the lives of people for their power.
  • As for the NUG, they sold lottery tickets to verify the support of the public. Within hours after the sales started, all lottery tickets were sold out. Besides that, there were still many people who would play the lottery. Therefore, the NUG had to request them to buy tickets the next day. They had such great trust from the public.

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