Seeking Reparations for victims of human rights violations in Myanmar: Workshop

21 – 22 November, 2016, Chaung Thar beach

ND-Burma and its partner organisations held a workshop to discuss ways of ensuring victims of human rights violations in Myanmar receive reparations for the abuses they have suffered.

30 participants from ND-Burma member organisations and its partners took part in the workshop. This included the Karen Human Rights Group, 88 Generation and Open Society, Future Light Centre, Genuine People’s Servants, Former Political Prisoners Society, Open Myanmar Initiative and Wimutti Volunteer Group.

Members discussed current human rights and democracy developments in Myanmar, including the peace process and 21st Panglong conference, and how to put the issue of reparations for human rights violations on the agenda as the country moves forward.

The workshop was supported by Asia Justice and Rights – AJAR.