Report on the Human Rights Situation in Burma (January – July 2010)

The Network for Human Rights Documentation – Burma (ND-Burma) includes 13 member organizations collectively using the truth of what communities in Burma have endured to challenge the regime’s impunity for human rights violations (HRVs) through advocacy and to prepare for a peaceful democratic transition.

ND-Burma monitors HRVs against a variety of vulnerable groups in Burma including political prisoners, ethnic minorities and women.

ND-Burma fieldworkers put themselves at great risk to gather the stories of people who have suffered HRVs.

Because this monitoring cannot take place openly, a comprehensive representation of all HRVs that happen in Burma is not possible. However, ND-Burma’s reports feature information from a wide range of areas of Burma and cover 16 categories of human rights violations.

This report provides up-to date information on HRVs and highlights pressing issues and trends within the country including election-related HRVs in the pre-election period.

ND-Burma will continue to monitor election-related violations through and following voting day on November 7 and will publish a comprehensive report on the subject. ….

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