Human Rights Situation weekly update (September 1 to 7, 2023)

Human Rights Violations took place in States and Regions from Sep 1 to 7, 2023

Military Junta Troop arrested over 70 local civilians and used them as human shields in Sagaing Region and Mandalay Region from September 1st and 7th. 11 women who were holding Sagaing NRC number from South Okkalapa Township were arrested and beaten by the Military Junta on September 3rd. A woman from the Sagaing Region and a man from the Ayeyarwady region died due to beating and torture during the interrogationby the Military’s . Thayarwaddy Prison and Dike-U Prison, restriction of the sending of food and necessity needs of prisoners.

The Department of Electricity distributed the warning letters that the meter boxes will be taken when the civilians do not pay the bill in Yangon Region and Mandalay Region. 14 civilians died and 13 were injured by the Military Junta heavy and light artillery attacks within a week. They raided the villages, attacked and burnt the houses, as a sequence the civilians left their places 8 times.