AAPP statement on the ruthless arrest of 88 student leader, Ko Jimmy aka Kyaw Min Yu

25 October 2021

Today, AAPP learnt Kyaw Min Yu (a.k.a Jimmy), a leading member of the ’88 Generation Students Group, was ruthlessly arrested by the junta on 23 October. Ko Jimmy was severely injured in his head during arrest and remains in critical condition at a military hospital.

          We have witnessed this illegitimate military junta arrest political activists and anyone against them in brutal crackdowns.  Many have been shot dead or brutally tortured to death. It is clear, the military is unlawfully committing crime against civilians as they wish.

The military junta is the one fully responsible and accountable for whatever happens to Ko Jimmy (a.k.a Kyaw Min Yu). We humbley request the international community apply pressure to protect political detainees from any torture committed by the unlawful military group. Fundamentally, we urge the immediate release of all political detainees.

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners – Burma

Download link for Statement-for-Ko-Jimmy Eng Ko David Final