AAPP (2001) Spirit for Survival

To survive, one needs mental power. It can bring not only physical changes but also great achievements. We can say that it controls a Man’s vice and virtue. Without mental power, the ability to survive under harsh conditions can be seriously affected. However, with mental power, Man can overcome all kinds of difficulties. This mental power can have an effect many times stronger than even nuclear power.

Thousands of political prisoners have been in prisons in Burma – which has gone from being a developing country to one of the least developed countries, through misrule by the authorities. They are put in prison for their beliefs and activities supporting democracy in their country. The last 13 years have been the toughest since the first military coup in 1962 when political activities were totally prohibited.

The current military regime has been ruling in numerous cruel ways after the crack down on the peoples’ uprising in 1988. They have neglected the desires of the people as they seem intent on holding power. The people are living in constant danger under this kind of rule and can be arrested and imprisoned any time they criticize the authorities. It’s obvious that activists face terrible conditions purely for their beliefs and actions.

Download: Spirit for Survival (725kb)